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Friday, August 8, 2014

She's red faced...T minus 3 minutes! Wait...What??

When I get fatigued, all sorts of physical things start to happen. I sweat like I just ran a 5K. My vision gets distorted. My legs and arms feel like someone put 50 pound weights on them. My face turns beet red. Concentration and word finding gets way difficult. So, as my hubby and I were sitting at the urgent care this evening with our teenage daughter for a sprained ankle. If you didn't know, a sprained ankle to a 14 yr old girl is A.K.A. : bone is sticking out, foot partially amputated and hanging on by a thread and the threat of disfigurement is lingering especially since school is starting in 2 weeks. So, while Sis was getting her x ray, here is our conversation:

Hubby: "Jenn, you better lay down on the gurney. You are getting ready to "fatigue out" in 3 minutes."

Me: Looking at him like, really dude? "Naa...I'm good baby. I got about 5 minutes."

Hubby: "Jenn, your face is as red as your shirt, you are sweating like mad and you are having trouble with your words. You have 3 minutes before you are whipped."

Me: As I'm smiling at him "I'm fine honey."

We continue talking about current events.

Few minutes later, I some how went from sitting on the end of the gurney to laying down, arm over head, eyes closed, face beet red, sweating like there is no tomorrow, can't say the simplest word or even get my thoughts out. Ahh..damn it! He was right! I really hate that!

Me: "That was longer than 3 minutes babe." I don't know if I was trying to convince him or myself lol. Ok, me.

Ok, so I learned a few things.
  1. Teenage girls are not fun when they get hurt. (I pretty much already knew that one)
  2. My hubby is paying close attention knowing I am bullheaded at times and want to keep going what I am doing.
  3. 3 frickin minutes before I have to go rest before I hit the floor!
In my defense, I don't always know when to stop moving around to avoid getting "fatigued out". BTW, "fatigued out" is a term that my hubby made up. I am assuming that it means something similar to being "knocked out". But whatever lol
Yes, pride does come into factor when I am doing the simplest of tasks at home. "I can do this." "I'm not going to get fatigued." Yeah right lol

Darn you pride! Darn you hubby! 


P.S.-my daughter's ankle is just fine. But of course she is milking it for all it's worth!

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