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Friday, August 29, 2014

Seriously Doc? After a week and still no call back?

I understand that having Discoid Lupus is not life threatening. I really do but I am having a flair right now. It is not exactly painful. More irritating like a bad sunburn. Doesn't itch. But when I have a flair, it does not just create a rash. It makes my joints hurt and muscles ache. I am more fatigued when I attempt to do little things. It just really, really, really sucks! My neck is crazy! As pictured below.

My Rheumatologist likes for his patients to use the new online charting and messaging system. So, Monday, I sent them a note explaining that I am having a flair and could I please have a Medrol dose pack like I had before for a flair? Tuesday came and went. Wednesday, I called and left a message for the medical assistant. Still heard nothing. Thursday I called again and knowing if I press "1" to make an appointment, that I would get a live person. I explained what had happened and the response was "the doctor has both messages. Hopefully he will get to it soon". Hopefully?? Huh?? Ok, whatever. Friday is here. Office closes at noon. Crap! Of course it is after 2 pm. So, I called the on-call to speak to him. That was at 2:10 this afternoon. On-Call said he was sent a voice-mail and will be calling you soon. Whelp, it's 8:20 pm and he never called.
A part of me really wants to call on-call at 2 in the morning. Oh!! But I won't. I will probably end up going to the local urgent care to get a dose pack. Let me tell ya, my appointment with my Rheumy is in November. He is going to get an ear full!!! Ridiculous! It is not like I am asking for narcotics. Flippin steroid pack so I can feel better. So frustrated!!

**On a lighter note, my spell checker wanted me to change "Medrol" to "Demerol". Hmm...that would REALLY make me feel better. LOL**

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