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Monday, August 25, 2014

Handicap Placard and Dirty Looks!

Oh the dirty looks that I get! One of the wonderful effects of having an invisible illness that is not usually talked about! Last night, my hubby and I go to the grocery store, (I have blogged before about car rides are tiring in it's self but before that I stupidly swept our little front porch. So going to the grocery store was a GREAT idea!! *Please note the sarcasm*) and we pulled into a handicap parking place. I pulled out my placard and placed it on the rear view mirror per Ohio law. My hubby gets out and comes around to my side of the truck to lend me his arm. (Because I am usually too stubborn to use my cane) Here comes a man and a woman with the sourest, nastiest, most judgmental look on their faces. Looking at me like "REALLY! She doesn't look sick! Why does she have that handicap placard?" Just a nasty, awful look. I grab a hold of my hubby's arm and at this point, my legs are not wanting to move. Tired from sweeping, tired from the car ride and now really tired to walk around the store. But...I did it. Though, I can seriously feel the dirty looks coming from behind me.  My hubby even sensed it. He said "Wow! Did you see the dirty looks?". I said "Oh yeah!".
Since I have been sick, my filter to voice my opinion and feelings has been cut down to almost nothing. I so wanted to say something to those miserable people but I think at that moment I was more worried about making my legs move. I'm actually impressed with myself for not saying anything. I think my hubby was too. But, if I could say something, it might be a little like this...

"Why are you looking at me? Did THEY send you? Do you have aluminum foil in that bag? I need the foil because then THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO READ MY THOUGHTS! GET AWAY! GET AWAY!"
Wouldn't that be awesome!


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1 comment:

  1. That was so true. Even I got a dirty look getting out of the driver's side of my truck. I could here there thoughts " look at him he's not disabled". This was before I had made it to the passenger side of th truck. It was as if they expect the driver's to be the disabled persons and not the passengers. Unfortunately people would rather pass judgment, rather than lending some help. Now this is my opinion on this coming from a care givers perspective.