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Friday, September 22, 2017

How this little guy made a big difference in my life...

Having a chronic illness that takes a lot away from you. Independence, career, driving, sense of purpose. I felt that way. I know, I know... I'm still alive and someone else has it worse off than I do but I did feel that I had no purpose anymore. Until I met Connor.

Connor McGregor to be exact. Yes, hubby named him after the UFC fighter however, I call him Monkey because he climbs furniture like a spider monkey.I had no idea how he was going to change my life when he showed up.
We received a call in March, from a friend who runs a rescue, asking if we would want a 2-3 month old beagle. She rescued him from an "alleged" abusive home. Connor was underweight, skin was terribly dry because of improper nutrition and grooming and yet he was still the sweetest puppy. I've never been a fan of owning a puppy . Don't get me wrong, I love to cuddle them, play with them and leave them to their owner. I always preferred to adopt a dog who was at least 2 years old. That was when I was working 60 hours a week, kids were young, busy, busy busy. So, I never had the time nor the patience. After hearing Connor's story, Hubby and I talked it over and decided since our other 2 dogs are 14 and 11 years old, that maybe this was a good time to get another. We are such suckers! But really, could you say no to this sweet little face?
His camo hunting hat!

We quickly noticed that when Connor was chewing on something he wasn't supposed to have, that we had to change our approach. We couldn't just jump up and yell "NO!". If we did , he would shudder down to the floor as if we were going to beat him. Broke my heart. Actually made me cry that first evening. How can someone be so mean and abuse this sweet little puppy? I will never understand.

Connor and his bff Buddy

We had to really think about correction, potty training, feeding times and get a routine down. With all this, it gave me a purpose again. I was able to teach and love him without completely exhausting myself. He has given me a great sense of accomplishment every time he sits, rolls over or gives me 5 on command. I have also started teaching him to get my cell phone off the table, pick up items that I have dropped and to get his harness out of the drawer. So we decided to make him a service dog. He goes everywhere with me.
Connor was meant to come into my life. I have never known a puppy that will stay in bed with you until noon because you don't feel well. During an exhaustive flare, he is calm, quiet and loving. I know he senses that I don't feel well. He has brought me so much joy that I didn't know that I was missing. I didn't realize the depression I was in. My family has even commented how much Connor has done for me. He gave me the sense of purpose again. This little, abused, starved for love puppy that needed me as much as I needed him.

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  1. I love Conner and I love YOU! I'm glad he's helping you. Dogs are the best! Love you!!