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Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Solu-Medrol Journey Day 2

Day 2...
Wide awake on 3 hours of sleep! Holy crap! Momma needs her sleep. The entire family needs Momma to sleep lol Comes along with the territory of taking IV Solu-Medrol.
Obviously my mind is more alert and I have noticed that my thinking is clearer.  Over the past 6 weeks I could not use my brain. Very, very simple thinking tasks were very difficult. Feels like the fog as slowly been lifted. My speech is still off at times. Wrong word chosen or slurs altogether. But whatever.

I do have more pain in my hips and knees. I think they have been inflamed for so long and now the steroids are easing them up they don't know how to react. And of course my stupid body's first defense is causing me pain. The feel of my headache is unusual for me. Just a constant ache that is just enough to make you feel miserable. Pain in both eyes, forehead and temples.
Strangely enough, I began to wonder last night if I was getting a occurrence of  Optic Neuritis. Pain was hitting that left eye. I had to stop and think... "No, can't be. Must just be the Uhthoff's"  because of lack of sleep, it was getting late and I was finally feeling sleepy.

I will say the Jolly Ranchers and seedless grapes have made a huge difference. I start eating a few grapes prior to the infusion then finish the rest during the infusion. Then suck on the Jolly Ranchers. But I will say it does NOT take the nasty taste in my mouth completely away but does make a difference. Plus I love grapes and Jolly Ranchers lol
I am feeling a bit stronger with walking. I don't have that fear that I am just going to hit the floor. Endurance is still very low which is challenging. For the first time in 6 weeks I am mentally feeling better and know that my house is a disaster. I have to fight the urge to clean. Again, the fight between my mind thinks one thing and my body just laughs and says yeah right. Good thing I have teenagers to spout orders to lol.
9 am next morning and going into day 3.
I can say I did sleep last night. Woke a few times but fought to go back to sleep and it worked. I just need sleep. I do have lower back/hip pain that is shooting into my rectum. Fun stuff. Knees are still aching. Though on a good note, the headache is almost gone. I am hoping to nap today. Wish me luck!
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