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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Inability to make decisions with a dash of Attention Deficit...

I really think that my chronic illness has also given me the inability to make decisions with a dash of Attention Deficit! I haven't posted in awhile because currently I am having trouble with what to post on.BUT I can't decide if I like it, if I am just rambling or when I am writing, 20 million other topics come to my mind and I cannot choose which one! Hell,  I have already changed the title of this post 4 times! UGH!!
I truly feel a overwhelming sense of loss when there is a decision to be made. My mind goes blank. Reasoning skills are out the window. It is an empty feeling when unable to make a decision. (Even have flipped a quarter to decide what task to do first) I never used to be like this. I was a "take charge" kind of girl. But simple decisions kick my butt! Like, what I want to eat or do I really want to take a shower today. Do I want to do the dishes or a load of laundry first?  Like I said...simple decisions that are total waste of time to think about. I, do rely heavily on my hubby and kids to help me. Of course, I get a little chuckle from my teenage daughter who likes to find humor in my illnesses when ever she can. (That's how she copes so I let it slide)
I, seriously, have written up 5 drafts of topics of what I want to blog about.
See, now, I am at the point of writing this and thinking, "Do I even like this post?", "Am I rambling?", "I really could be blogging on something else.", "Did the washer stop?", "I really wish I could sleep like my dog is sleeping.", "Man, I need to mail out that letter.". AAAHHH!! My mind goes in 20 different directions!
I am sure to some readers, they will think that I am just rambling, crazy or lazy. For which I am not! So, I decided to write it anyways because I am sure there has to be some one out there who can relate to my indecisiveness. I know that I can't be the only one!
(BTW, title was changed for the 5th time)

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