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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dog, skunk and God's great sense of humor!

Whom ever thinks that God does NOT have a sense of humor, you are WRONG!! God has a terrific sense of humor! Especially to me and my family! It was 1 am. I'm sitting, with my hubby Sam, in the living room, finally able to talk to each other because he worked crazy hours that day. My lovely dogs, Sophie and Buddy are telling me that they want to go outside to potty. Sure! Again...1 am. Sam and began to converse again. Few minutes later, the dogs are barking.
Ok, go to the door and holy hell it stinks! "Oh $hit Sam! They [dogs] got a skunk!" My dogs managed to corner a skunk underneath one of our vehicles. Sam comes to the door. He starts dry heaving dramatically. I'm trying to not let him see that I am laughing.
I don't know what the hell to do??? I'm a city girl! So, I did what anyone else would do...Google. Then, of course, status update on Facebook for help. Sam is guarding the dogs in a corner of the living room making sure they don't touch the furniture. After a lot of suggestions and research, I found a concoction that was popular:

  • 1 QT Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • 1/4 cup Baking Soda 
  • 1 teaspoon (I used a tablespoon) Dawn Dish Soap
Sam had taken the dogs back outside, created a barrier so they wouldn't run a away and starts to scrub them with water and Dawn Dish Soap while I am being the mad scientist making my magical concoction. As Sam is bent over scrubbing, he gets stung by what I would say a hornet or wasp. So, now he's yelling that he got stung. Yelling at the dogs telling them "What is wrong with you guys? Don't ever go for skunks again! Jenn, THEY NEED TO LEARN! Maybe going through this will teach them." I said  "Yea honey...(as my eyes are rolling) I'm sure they learned their lesson.". 
So, Sam continued to scrub down the dogs with the concoction . After they were rinsed, took them into the shower for another bath with just the dish soap. It actually worked! Dogs actually smelled better than they did before the skunk. Never a dull moment! So, if you think God does not have a great sense of humor...think again!

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