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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Live in the Dayton area & have trouble with medications...Check this out

I take a ridiculous amount of medications per day. I mean RIDICULOUS! With the memory problems, unable to drive safely and the amount of meds I have to take, it was getting difficult. I started out with a pill box to fill every week but I noticed that I would be missing doses. My bestie, who is also a nurse, suggested that I try Hock's Pharmacy. Hock's have what is called "MultiPack".

There is a slot on the side of the box where you are able to pull out the pack that you need.

Each pack is filled with the all the meds you need for that time of day. Example, in the morning, I take 5 medications. Hock's will put all those meds in one pack. The pack lists what medications are in it, what time of day you need to take it and what doctor prescribed it. They are very easy to open! So, I take medication 4 times per day. I have a pack for each!

It was so easy to set up too. I went to the pharmacy to sign up and someone will get with me. I'm thinking "yeah right! What in a week?"Nope! Within 10 minutes, a sweet lady called me for my information. She transferred all my medications from previous pharmacy. She reviewed the medications that I am taking. Set up times to take them. They were delivered the next day! Yes, I said they of charge. According to their website, they serve 5 surrounding counties.
So, now I don't have to worry about if I took my meds correctly. I don't have to go to the pharmacy 3 times a month because they all get filled on different days. I don't have to wait on my husband to take me to the pharmacy. It's great! I should listen to my bestie more often lol

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