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Friday, March 14, 2014

Round 2 of the Cervical Epidural....

Round 2! First off, let me just say, 4 days after the first injection, I felt WONDERFUL!!! Even pain free at times! Love it Love It Love it!!!!
So, I went back yesterday for the second injection. I will say the experience was different than the first. Not terrible but different. The anesthesia affected me a smidge heavier this time. I felt so stoned.   I do not remember getting off of the procedure table on to the gurney. Oh well lol I did feel more of the injection in my back this time. It was like he may not have used enough Lidocaine prior to the placement of the needle. It wasn't horrible. Just felt like a knawling tooth ache pain. The knawling pain did not linger nor was it severe. You just have to get through it. 
In the afternoon, after the epidural, I did sleep for a few hours. Felt groggy afterwards. Later in the evening, I did have pain in my upper back and running down my arm. Also, I was very restless! Keep in mind, this is all normal side effects of the medications. 
Next day, I am not groggy but I do feel like I have been punched between the shoulder blades. This is normal too. That's ok, I know in a few days I will be feeling wonderful!!
Just remember...If you ever had an epidural while in labor.....the cervical epidural injection is a piece of cake. At least your don't have to fight through the contractions! And no baby!!!!


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