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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Showering...puts me in a bad mood!

Really? Showering puts you in a bad mood? Yes, Yes it does! Let me tell you why.

  1. I have to calculate when to take a shower. I can't shower first thing in the morning because it sucks the little energy that I have. I can't take it before I go to the store. Again, zaps the little energy that I have. Ok take it at night. Then I can just go to bed afterwards. But, sometimes I am too tired to take a shower at night because of the activities I had done during the day.
  2. Stepping in the shower. Seriously? Just stepping in the shower can be a challenge. For some people will not understand this but stepping in the shower is a gamble because there is a good chance I'm going to fall.
  3. Nice, relaxing HOT steaming shower...yeah right! The temp can't be hot. Sometimes it has to be luke warm. Heat of the shower increases my symptoms. Make my legs like rubber. I'm off balance and cannot see straight because of Uhthoff's Syndrome  I would love to have a hot steaming shower. Ohh...I miss that!
  4. Shower is done, time to hop out right? Not so fast buster! I have to sit on the shower chair and dry off and get my bearings. By this time, I am very tired. My arms feel heavy. My legs feel weak and I am so afraid of falling. I want a nap!
So, why am I in a bad mood after a shower? Oh, I don't know? (Please note the sarcasm) It is just exhausting just going through the motions of the 4 things listed above. Getting to number 1 is a challenge. Somedays it is just not even worth it. I am a 30 something yr old woman and it is a challenge to take a shower. Ticks me off! I'm bitter. I'm angry. I hate being this way. I know, that I need to just let go and accept I am the way I am but somedays that is harder to do. I understand that there are people who have it worse. I completely understand that. I know I should be grateful of what functions I do have. I do thank God for that. I really do. I am just having one of those cranky days where showering puts me in a bad mood!

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