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Friday, October 18, 2013

"Maybe you're just depressed" Really?? No kidding!

"Maybe you're just depressed" Hmm..ya think? I recently heard this from my doctor. Asking me if the depression is the cause of all my problems. I instantly got defensive. I said  "I'm not sick because I'm depressed, I'm depressed because I am sick!". This isn't the first time I have heard this. It is so frustrating!!! My father went through the same crap for years too. He was told to see a therapist, change jobs and reduce stress. Completely missed the heart failure! He too did not look sick.
I think this is, sadly, becoming the norm. Doctors can't find anything diagnostically (yet) and they see that you say that you are depressed and have anxiety. So that's it! You are just depressed. "Here take this pill, lose weight, exercise and you will feel better."
Yes I have depression. Yes I have anxiety. My life has completely changed. I once was this hard working, 40-50-sometimes 60 hours a week, mom, wife, camping queen. Now I have left my job, can no longer drive. I depend on my kids and hubby to help me with household chores, meals and shopping. We haven't gone camping in almost 2 years.
Yes I understand that depression does have physical symptoms. I get it. But Doc, look a little deeper on the depression scale questionnaire that you just made me fill out. Ask me why I am depressed. I would gladly tell you! And again...

I'm depressed because I am sick. I am not sick because I am depressed!

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