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Monday, September 2, 2013

Teaching my 16 yr old to Optic Neuritis

My 16 year old son Jake is learning how to drive. What a challenge for both of us! Since my optic neuritis attack and lack of spiatal preception (unable to determine the distance between objects and yourself) I am unable to drive. Though I realized that I am not the best teacher for Jake. Not to mention, when I get fatigued, I get snippy. Jake will drive me to the grocery store. So, after getting my groceries, I'm fatigued, snippy and my vision changes. Not the best combination when teaching a kid to drive. (BTW, "snippy" is the nicest, non offensive word that I can use to explain my mood lol)
Poor kid. I am always thinking he is going to hit a parked car. So I am yelling at him. He's looking at me like I'm crazy "Mom, I have enough room. I'm not going to hit it!" It's just not a good learning environment.
His dad and I have decided that I shouldn't drive with Jake anymore. Not  until he improves. I don't want to discourage him and I think that is what I am doing to him. nerves just can't take it lol

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