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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm tired of being in pain!

I am so tired of being in pain everyday! It is getting really old! If it's not my back, it's my neck. If it's not my neck, it's my legs. If it's not get the picture lol. Everyday flippen day! It makes me depressed, angry and irritable. In return, these feelings make the pain worse. Vicious cycle. In July, I was on high dose IV steroids. I was actually pain free. Sadly, it was the strangest feeling to be pain free. I thought "wow, this is how it is supposed to be".
I do not take narcotics unless I am have a horrendous day. 30 Vicodin last me a year or more. I don't like to take them for several reasons. 1. I can't function safely on them. 2. Make me feel loopy. and 3. I don't want physicians thinking that I am drug seeking. I think physicians see the diagnosis of Fibro and think people are just drug seeking. I do take Neurontin (gabapentin) 900 mg 4 times daily. Scary part is, it does help the pain. So just imagine if I wasn't taking it! Ibuprofen is my best friend. Acetaminophen does nothing for me nor Naproxen.  I do stretching exercises and sometimes I go for a light massage. That does seem to help. Since medical marijuana is illegal in Ohio (FYI, it will be on the Ohio ballot next year) I guess I will stick with my ibuprofen, light stretching and massage. Oh, and lidoderm patches.
Pain that I can't stand the most is (bear with me, may sound crazy) my skin. At times my skin hurts. It feels like someone is rubbing on your sunburn. It hurts to wear clothes. I hate bras! Can't stand to be touched. Shower water running on my skin sometimes hurts, very irritating. Sometimes I will just lay on my bed nothing but underwear on because my skin hurts so bad. I do notice it more when I am tired and defiantly when I am hot.
I am just tired of being in pain everyday. There has to be something better. Muscle spasms, joint pain, skin pain (?) and fatigue just wears you down. Not just physically but mentally. I am hoping for a better diagnosis, treatment or something when I go back to Cleveland Clinic this month.
Something gotta give!!!

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