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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Steroids....the love-hate relationship!

Oh wonderful steroids! How I love thee! And....hate you! I just completed a round of high dose IV Steroids about a month ago. It was wonderful! The second morning, I got out of bed and thought "hmm...something is different". I was walking with very, very little pain. I thought "holy crap! This is awesome!" Energy! I have energy! I don't feel so drained! This is what it is supposed to feel like! Now granted, I had all these visions in my head what I was going to accomplish around the house. I was smart, I paced myself. Did small tasks then rest. Three glorious days! 
Pain and fatigue slowly came back. After about a week, I was back to where i began. This put my depression in overdrive. I got this taste of what I am supposed to feel like and now it's gone. Oh, how it sucks! So what exactly did the steroids even treat? Little bit of everything I suppose lol Like I said, 'em and hate 'em!

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