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My Lovely Discoid Lupus Pics

The pictures below are of me when I am having a "flare" of Discoid Lupus. The flare comes when I have sun exposure for even a short period of time. Then sometimes, it can just happen for no apparent reason and no sun exposure. I do notice an increase of fatigue and pain during a flare. 
A nice taper dose of steroids fixes me right up! Except for the March 2015 flare. UGH!!

Yet another flare in March 2016. I have noticed it has becoming more frequent. Without the sun or heat. This one has to be stress related. Again, it does not look too bad but I've been in bed for 3 days and this is the first day that words are coming to me much easier. Steroids on board!


Most recent flare December and into January 2016. This may not look too bad but...
This flare kicked my butt!! Fatigue and pain was ridiculous and lasted 3 weeks....until the steroids!

June 2015 flare. Starting to lose more hair which is driving me crazy. 
My bangs will not lay right not. Another round to Medrol Dose Pack! 

This happened when I was at home, resting as I do. I was NOT out in the sun nor in the heat. I was in my home with the thermostat set on 68 degrees.

Kinda blurry...sorry about that but you get the idea :-)

March 2015. This was on my scalp which it has never been. 
Noticed more hair loss than before.  Never a dull moment with Lupus!

Upper part of the back of my neck. New here too!

This flare was August 2015. Now I am starting to get big, oval lesions. 
Kinda weird because the center of the lesion felt numb.

Nope folks, that is not a hickey! (and this is a small lesion 
compared to what I just went through last month)

This is a month later of me procrastinating to call the doctor. It was really angry!

September 2014. This rash happened when I forgot to 
sunscreen the back of my neck. Betcha I don't forget again!!!

Yes, this does hurt as bad as it looks. It feels like a terrible sunburn. 
A terrible, raised, don't even try to scratch or rub, horrible sunburn!

The Discoid Rash does not typically make me itch. Every now and then I will have to scratch but not like you think it would be. I don't mind getting this on my neck and back. I actually prefer it there rather than my cheekbones. When I get it on my face (classic butterfly) bigger lesions appear.



  1. I'm creating a webpage to help me and my doctor(s) figure out if I have lupus. My hair is really thinning out and I can't ever do anything with it. It's not a major problem but just one more on the list of "lupus lovelies." I haven't taken any pics of my own but would like to use one of your on my webpage. Is that okay?

  2. I am terribly sorry that I am replying so late! Perfectly find to use my photos. All I ask is just to add my blog as reference. Please let me know what your web address is. I would love you follow!!

    1. P.S. You will have fast response if you send me a message on my Facebook page.