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  1. I found your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE the name. My name is Julie and the company where I work is currently offering a really great opportunity for patients with DL to discuss treatment and learn about a new medicine. I'd love if you would be able to help us get the word out. We are only looking to speak with about a dozen patients and it looks like your site is a fantastic place for patients to learn, grow and share. How cool! A bit more below, but let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help in any way! Thank you kindly.

    bioStrategies Group, a Chicago based consulting firm, is conducting phone interviews with Discoid Lupus patients to discuss their experience in managing the disease and their opinion of a new medicine in development to manage the more serious skin manifestations of discoid lupus. We will pay an honorarium of $100 for a 45 minute phone interview with qualified candidates. Participation and personal info is confidential. If you are currently under the care of a Dermatologist/Rheumatologist for treatment, please email: with name, date of diagnosis, and a list of your topical/oral medications. A limited number of interview slots are available and all interviews must be completed between 9/4 and 9/9/14 Let me know if you have questions! Julie

    Julie M. VanEenenaam
    Director of Recruiting
    bioStrategies Group
    29 N Wacker Drive Suite 1000
    Chicago, IL 60606

    office: 312-482-8292
    direct: 312-202-8503

  2. Love it. Relate well. I only have fibro Adenomyisis,female trouble, itp ,blood trouble. The rest.Is all mental. ,:(