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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Planning to go out of the house...not as simple as you might think

I am a homebody. Hermit. Introvert. Recluse. You get the point. I prefer being at home, in a quiet, dim room with all my necessities (iPad, laptop, phone, tv remote) within arms reach. As I had said before in my other posts, it is EXHAUSTING getting ready to go somewhere.

Here is an example of my planning for which I hope you can relate:

  1. When are we leaving?
    1. Let the planning begin!! 
    2. If I have to take a shower, I need at least 2 hours so I can rest between showering, then rest, getting dressed, then rest, blow dry hair, then rest. 
  2. How long will we be? 
    1. Fatigue plays a big part. 
    2. Not to mention the pain.
    3. Again, the FATIGUE!
  3. How long is the drive? 
    1. Being in the car too long is also plays on the fatigue. 
    2. Sitting in the passenger seat for too long plays on the pain.
  4. What should I wear? 
    1. Can't be heavy clothing and can't be light clothing. 
    2. Layers preferably. 
    3. Socks optional.
  5. What is the temperature outside? 
    1. Can't go if it's too hot (fatigue, Uhthoff's, general yuckiness, short fused). 
    2. Can't go if it's too cold (pain worsens, Raynauds flairs, Livedo Reticularis increases). 
      I couldn't help it lol
  6. Should I grab my meds for my next dose? 
    1. Refer to #2. This should really be a given.
  7. Is there going to be a place that I can lay down? 
    1. Seriously, I do think about this. Because when the fatigue hits, I must lay down!
  8. How many people are going to be there? 
    1. A large crowd talking, crawls under my skin. 
    2. Makes me physically ache. 
    3. Makes me short fused, annoyed to where I just want to yell "OMG shut up!!!".
    4. Conversing fatigues me.
      1. Makes me mix up words with other words.
      2. Makes me flustered (Thanks Sis for the suggestion)
      3. Makes me forget what the hell I was saying.
    5. Makes me feel like running out of the room. Well, If I could run lol
  9. Loud music playing? 
    1. Refer to #7 2-5....same feeling
  10. Who is going to be there?
    1. I find that since I have been sick, the"bite my tongue filter" is gone. So, with certain people, I just say what I think and don't really care. So now, I tend to avoid those certain people.
So, as you can see that just preparing to go outside of the house is exhausting in itself. It is frustrating and can get depressing. Some days, I feel that it just isn't worth it. I'd rather stay home in my little bubble.
Of course, these are some examples because I am sure that I am forgetting something.

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