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Thursday, October 9, 2014

NO MORE BULLYING!!! #standwithjetta

You know, I blog, just about anything. This really touched a nerve. I think because I am a mom, with my own teenager, I was a teenager one time (very long time ago lol) or simply because the bullying in today's society has gotten out of hand to the point where these poor children have no where else to turn so they kill themselves. This brings me to my husbands long time childhood friend who has a 10 year old daughter, Jetta. Jetta decided that she wanted to cut off her long, beautiful hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids. Wigs for Kids is an awesome program that takes donated hair and create wigs for children that suffer from the awful side effect of hair loss from chemo treatments. Jetta cut 14 inches of hair off!! As Jetta returns to school, she is berated with comments from her classmates. "You're so ugly, I want to throw up when I look at you." and "You are the ugliest girl in school". So, what was her teacher's response?? "Just don't listen to them."
Really??? That is the best you can do Miss Teacher? Don't listen to them? What happened to the "Zero tolerance policy" that is supposed to be in place in all the schools? Do you not remember all the children's lives that were cut short by suicide because of bullying? What about the innocent lives that were taken from children shooting up schools because they were bullied and educators like your self, did not do a damn thing? Do you think that will NOT happen in Dayton, at YOUR school and the best you got is "Just don't listen to them."??
Now, let's take a look at the law, shall we?? According to :
          C. Investigating and Responding to Bullying Includes a procedure for promptly investigating and responding to any report of an incident of bullying, including immediate intervention strategies for protecting the victim from additional bullying or retaliation, and includes notification to parents of the victim, or reported victim, of bullying and the parents of the alleged perpetrator, and, if appropriate, notification to law enforcement officials.I'm pretty sure "Just don't listen to them" is a NOT part of "Investigating and Responding to Bullying".
By the way... "Schools refusal to recognize bullying violates the Ohio Law prohibiting bullying."
Dear, sweet Jetta. Cutting your hair to give to another child is the most amazing gift. Your generosity is awesome! The horrible, selfish, insecure, feeling threatened by your beauty, jealous little twits will reap what they sow one day. You keep your chin up! You are the one who made a difference in someone's life by donating your hair. We should all learn your generosity!!

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