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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pro Medical Marijuana!

As you can see by the marijuana leaf on the right side of my blog, I am a pro medical marijuana supporter. Why?? See the picture below...

The picture on the left is the medication that I take at bedtime. Only bedtime! This does not include what I take in the morning or during the day. Count them...yep 12 pills. (ok 11 & 1/2 but you know what I mean lol) Now, if the substances in the picture on the right was legal in Ohio, I could eliminate at least  10 pills at bedtime. 10!
Please don't think that I just want to sit around and smoke dope all the time. I'm not. (Ok, maybe during my teenage years but not now.) I just want the pain to go away. Pain fuels the depression and depression fuels the pain. Vicious circle!
I have read study after study about the medicinal effects of marijuana for pain, cancer, seizures and nausea. Even fatigue! Actual studies from reputable institutions.  I have learned that it is not the THC that helps but the substance CBG in the marijuana that is quite effective treating pain and fatigue. The researchers are also developing medicinal marijuana without the THC. So, you will get the effects of the medication but not the high.
I have been following Ohio Rights Group. This is a non-profit organization in Ohio advocating the legalization of  Medical Marijuana. They are very close in getting Medical Marijuana on the ballot this year.
Here are a few links to studies that have proven Medical Marijuana has helped with pain.

UCSF (University California San Fran)

University of Montreal

UCSD (University California San Diego)

This one is interesting. More along the lines with Fibro and marijuana use. It does have some info on certain studies. Check it out...

Fibro and Marijuana

I think that it is time to put the hippy, dead beat, stoner stigma to bed with Marijuana. I think the public should stop for a minute and read what Medical Marijuana can really do to help ease suffering. I feel that education is key in fighting any illness. The more you know, the better you can advocate for yourself.

Be well!
Jenn :0)

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