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Monday, January 6, 2014

Going to the pain clinic..

Let's go to the pain clinic! Whoa! Hold on a sec! If you are anything like me, I just want my chronic pain to be controlled. I do NOT want opiates or narcotics! I do NOT want to be so "narced" out of my head, addicted that I don't know what I am doing. NO THANK YOU!
As a previous home care nurse, I have had patients that went to pain clinics and hooked on Oxy. I had one patient that popped Oxy like it was candy. Very scary.
So, my first appointment was today. My anxiety was high. My mind racing. My back in spasms. My hubby and I walked into the lobby trying to find the office. Front desk said "head straight down the hallway". We found the office with a sign on the door that read "only patients in the waiting room". Hmm...that's kinda weird. People standing in line to sign in. The waiting room was already full and I have people standing behind me waiting to sign in. Oh boy! I know what this place is...Oxy clinic!
The receptionist calls me to the desk and tells me that I am in the wrong office. PRAISE GOD!! I finally found the the correct office. No lines to sign in. Quiet little office. Wonderful office staff. I get called back. The pain doctor was wonderful! Gave me an exam. Had me twist and turn as he felt the muscles stiffen and spasm. "Well you have muscle stiffness!" No kidding?? As we talked about my pain he said "Fibro does not respond to narcotics". I said "I was apprehensive coming here. I do not want Oxy or other narcotics.". He said "I have a small practice. 200 patients. That is because I do not give Oxy.". GREAT! I left there with a treatment plan, better medications (not narcs) and a happier attitude.
Keep this in mind before you go to see a pain management doctor:
  1. Tell the doctor upfront that you do not want narcotics or opiates.
  2. If the waiting room is full of people, sitting, in line to sign in or behind you waiting to sign in...RUN AWAY!
  3. Take a look around the waiting room. Is it clean? Are the people sitting next to you sleeping with drooling coming out of their mouth? Is the waiting room full of people strangely quiet? If yes, they are all stoned on Oxy and narcotics!
  4. As always...self advocate!!!
:0) Jenn!

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