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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The hardest thing about my mind vs my body

I think one of the hardest things about my illness is, what my mind tells me and what my body will do. My mind tells me that I can still do all the things that I use to. Camping, amusement parks, mowing the yard, pulling weeds, painting etc... My body, says "ha...not so fast lady!". I get so discouraged. I think mostly because I am negative in my thinking. Simple household tasks should be stupid simple. But for me it is a challenge. I hate that! Oh gee, I did laundry today whoop-tee-do! I need to change my thinking. I need to look at the positive. "I did laundry today...great! Now, what is next?" I need to get over  what I was able to do before because that is not getting me anywhere. I need to start commending myself on the tasks that I do complete. Let me rephrase that, I will start commending myself on the tasks that I do complete. I will stop thinking about what I was able to do before and start thinking about what it is I can accomplish. I will listen to my body more. I will be more positive! Wish me luck!!

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