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Monday, August 19, 2013

Lose weight and exercise...yeah right!

"Lose weight and exercise" Seriously! This is what my appointment is for? I understand that if I lose weight I would feel better. I understand that if a person would exercise, they would feel better. But not me! If I could exercise, I would. I did say that to my former rheumatologist. She just wouldn't listen. She couldn't get that simple exertion is exhausting! Not running a 10 K exertion. Folding a load of laundry is exhausting. My arms feel weighted. I start to feel off balance. Have to rest NOW! Showering?? Showering is exhausting. For one thing, the temperature of the water has to be luke warm.  Then I have to rest afterwards. So, I want to get out and go to the store. I have to either choose from showering or going to the store. Or shower, lay down and rest for a hour or 2 then go to the store. Then come back home and lay down for a hour or 2. 
So yeah, guess all my problems would be solved if I lost weight and exercised!

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