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Friday, June 3, 2016

Planning a party with a chronic illness...

Finally back!!! Sorry for being gone for so long but I have been busy! My baby boy just graduated from high school and I am ever so proud!
I have learned so much about planning a graduation party while having to deal with chronic fatigue, chronic pain, Fibro Fog, etc etc.. It was both trying and rewarding.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to plan and organize:
    1. I am a HUGE procrastinator! I think it just goes with all the brain fog, knowing little things tick me off because I can't do things like I used to so it's better to just push it off and never knowing what day I will feel good or bad. Not to mention the indecisiveness.
  2. DON'T second guess yourself: 
    1. I could have saved so much of my time if I would not have second (hell, 3rd or 4th) guessed myself. Just pick the damn date you want the party! Just pick the place! You will have other more important things to second guess yourself later!
  3. Get a notebook!
    1. This was just a fluke that I discovered. Buy a brand new (or steal one from your kids) notebook so you can keep everything, I mean EVERYTHING in it. Nothing flashy just a regular notebook. 
  4. What to write in your notebook:
    1.  Addresses:
      1. I don't have an "old school" address book or even a contact list with nothing more than phone numbers. So I had to gather  all this info from my mom and from help of Facebook Messenger. I sen individual messages to family and friends for their addresses. I then would write them down in my notebook.This saved so much time when it came to writing thank you notes. All the addresses were there!
    2. Need and Have: 
      1. Make one page for what you need to get.
      2. Make one page for what you already have.
      3. Be sure to keep it updated. Scribble, mark off, create new pages if it gets too messy. 
    3. Who is bringing what?
      1. I do not like asking for help BUT when people ask if they can help, I jumped on it. Totally out of character of me I know but it was so greatly appreciated. Now, I am not saying ask the second cousin twice removed to bring all of the meat that is needed for sandwiches. I am saying if a sibling, friend, parent, grandparent asks if they can bring a dish, say "YES!". If they ask if you need help with setting up the decorations, say "YES!". My energy was limited as was my brain function lol
    4.  Sketch:
      Never said I was Picasso!
      1. We rented a shelter house for the party. My daughter and I drove over and decided how the food tables were going to be set up. Where the cake table was going to be. Where the present table was going to be. So, I made a sketch in my handy dandy notebook. 
      2. While doing this, this also helped with counting tables, how many table covers we would need. Along with how many centerpieces were needed too.
    5. List of what needs to be done a week before the party:
      1.  This was a lifesaver. With everything going on and the Fibro Brain, this was great. I wrote specifically what I needed to do and what day.  
    6. Write down who gave what gift:
      1. This was great! My son opened his gifts at home and he would say who from and what gift and I would write it down. This way it is just a few pages away from the addresses I already wrote down for the invitations. 
  5. Online shopping:
    1. I am now in love with Walmart online!! AND orders over $50 are shipped free to your home!! I found cheaper prices on Walmart compared to Amazon. However, I did order from both. Actually going to the store, walking around, being indecisive is just a waste of my precious energy. I knocked out a big portion of party decorations, utensils, paper plates, cups, fold up table and chairs and much more just by shopping online.  
  6. You do not have plan every day:
    1. Seriously, you don't. There were days that I couldn't function because I was exhausted from all the planning and thinking. My fatigue is not only physical but also mental. Mental fatigue causes physical fatigue. So, if one day you plan, plan and plan, the next day you can't do a damn thing, no worries. It's!
I must admit, I was wondering to myself if I was becoming OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). That notebook went through many changes. Pages ripped out and rewritten. But it was all worth it.
In the end, it was a cold but wonderful party. Planning gave me a sense of purpose, sense of accomplishment.

P.S. After everything was done and the party over I was completely exhausted. I was in so much pain by the end of the party I could barely get into the car to go home. I was in bed for almost a week from the pain and fatigue. It was worth it!

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