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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The truth about steroids!

So, I'm back on steroids again. I just gotta say...I love them so! I wish I could be on them forever but I know that is not going to happen. They are really a double edge sword. Yes, they take my pain, fatigue and ugly rash away but they can actually be dangerous to your body. Figures! I just wanted to give you my take on steroids that docs don't really tell you about them.

They make you:
  1. Feel anxious. We all know this. But what about the pacing? What about the racing thoughts. Wanna sleep? Ha Ha Again, I am writing this post at 1 am.
  2. Feel like you want to fight someone. When I was on the 3 day IV round with a 10 day taper, I wanted to fight someone. Seriously! I wanted someone to get in my face. I wanted someone to yell at me. I WANTED to fight!
  3. Along with #2, very short tempered. Fly off the handle without warning. Hubby and kids have figured this out. They stay away lol
  4. Sweat! I mean just sitting there watching tv and you are sweating like you just ran a 10K in the 100 degree heat. Driched with sweat. Boobs sweatin! Neck rolls sweatin! Butt sweatin! Bring on the powder!
  5. Feel very, very hot! Like you are in a steam room. I feel hot all the time anyways but this is worse. I have to turn down the temp of the water. Almost cold showers. Still hot. 60 degrees outside and I go sit on the porch in a tanktop to cool off. Still hot. Grr!
  6. Thirsty. I cannot get enough water. I hate water. But I can't get enough when on steroids.
  7. Hungry. I wanted chicken wings almost as bad as I wanted to fight. I thought I was pregnant when I was craving chicken wings.  I ate those bad boys all up!
  8. Weight gain. I'm thinking that has to do with #6. But it is also part of the medication's side effects.
  9. Painfree to almost pain free. It is so odd to me to be painfree. To walk without pain is so unfamiliar. It makes me stop and think "huh, am I missing something? Oh yeah, no pain"
  10. Fatigue improves greatly! Now, I still have to plan and calculate what activities to do and make myself take breaks. I am really bad at this but I am getting better about listening to my body. When I am on steroids, I don't have that knawling, exhausted, drained feeling. I actually feel like performing my activities. 
Steroid effects only last for a short time. I do know that I tend to get some increased depression when my symptoms start returning. Steroids give me a taste of what my life should be like. It sucks but even with all I mentioned above, I still love'em!

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