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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trying to make the most of my day

Since I am fully aware of (but somedays do not except) that I can no longer do things like I use to. Completing tasks are a statical challenge. I am always computing in my head how to conserve energy to complete a task. Let me tell you, somedays just thinking about what I would like to accomplish is a task its self. So, here are some of my energy conserving techniques:

1. Shower before bedtime: I know this is going to make me tired anyways. This is really the only time      that I can raise the temperature of the water to warm. (Hot water exhausts me and messes with my vision) Oh yeah, btw, use a shower chair. There's no shame!

2. Vacuuming...sit on a computer chair with wheels: I have trouble bending over and pushing a vacuum tires me. So I sit on the computer chair and wheel around with the attachments on the vacuum.

3. Be sure to rest!! It is ok to stop and go lay down 15, 20 minutes or a hour or 2! It is better to stop what you are doing, rest and then go back to it. Household chores will NEVER go away. If you can't finish it today, it will be there tomorrow!

4. Washing a little at a time. Who cares if you have a sink full of dishes. If you have to take 5 minutes to wash and then go rest, have at it!

5. Laundry: I hate laundry! Get clothes baskets with wheels so you can push instead of carry. I actually kick mine along somedays. Place the basket on a chair so you don't have to bend over sorting. This took me awhile to figure out for some reason?? Use "pods" instead of laundry liquid. I have tremors in my hands, especially when I get tired. I like the "pods" better! Less mess! Folding clothes...for me, I find standing up while folding is easier than sitting down. I work with gravity. After completing a load, I lay down for about a hour. I have to. Sorting, lifting, folding clothes is very, very taxing!

6. The most important thing I can tell you...
           ASK FOR HELP! If you know that you can't do your task today, ask for help. My kids have been
 wonderful! They now will actually step in when they see that I am struggling. They know before I acknowledge that I am getting too fatigued and need to stop. Great Kids!!

I will periodically list some energy conservation techniques that I use. Hope this helps!!!

Love terrific teenagers!! I don't know what I would do without them!

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